Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Bad Wonder Under

Sue asks:
A while ago I heard about some bad Wonder Under .. what was that all about?

Pellon Wonder Under is a fusible adhesive webbing used for many craft applications - whether you are bonding fabric to fabric or fabric to another surface. A while ago a bad batch of Wonder Under went out into the world. The paper backing wouldn't release from the webbing and it caused a lot of crafters a lot of grief. According to the Pellon people the Wonder Under is made by two different manufacturers. One makes the adhesive webbing and another makes the release paper. The release paper has silicone on it as the release agent and it was this part of the process that had the problem. Not enough release agent. Most of this Wonder Under should be off the market now but if you get hold of some you can get it replaced by contacting the customer support folk at Pellon.

e-mail: customerservice@PellonIdeas.com

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