Tuesday, December 26, 2006

How to recycle silk ties into usable fabric

Connie asks:
I would like to be able to use ties maybe in a patchwork or as doll clothing. How do I use them? Take them apart? How to sew on such thin slippery stuff?

First, take them apart, remove the lining and press the tie flat. Ties are cut on the bias so there is a lot of stretch. I would recommend using a very thin fusible web (such as Misty Fuse) and fusing the tie fabric to a lightweight backing (such as cotton batiste). That way you will stabilize the tie fabric and it should still drape nicely. As to slipping - you can pin them to death and you can tighten the presser foot pressure temporarily also. Some people like to sew with tissue paper under slippery fabrics but I just hate having to pull it all out of the seam. Patti Culea once suggested that you can dissolve some water-soluble stabilizer in a small amount of water and use it like a spray starch. Once dry she says it makes the fabric act just like cotton.

Hope this helps!


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