Saturday, January 6, 2007

Glue dots

Barbara says:
I'd like to know how to make glue dots.

This was a good one! Unfortunately the answer isn't a happy one. Glue dots are made from hot melt glue before it is extruded into the sticks we use for glue guns. So basically you are now asking how to make hot melt glue. The hot melt glues are made from a large array of chemicals; some products contain acetals, acrylics, elastomers, natural or synthetic rubbers, epoxy resins, water-based resins, wax-based binders, styrene compounds, or vinyl systems. Others contain bituminous substances, ethylene copolymers, styrene copolymers, glues and gums, polyamides, thermoplastic polyesters, vinyl esters, or polyethylene (PE). Commonly used chemical systems also include polypropylene (PP), polysulphone, polyurethane (PUR), polyetherimide, and polyolefin. Filled or reinforced compounds consist of resins with additional modifiers such as fillers, pigments, or chopped fibers. Wow - that was a mouthful! The formulations for hot melt glue are protected by the companies that make the adhesives and I wasn't able to get one for you. I bet they don't sell all those chemicals in pint jars either. So unfortunately unless you want to go into mass production of hot melt glue I think you will have to buy them from the craft store.


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Barbara aka penpallady said...

Thank you for finding this answer for me. I had hoped to make some since I use them by the 100's.