Monday, January 29, 2007

The Ultimate Diamond Holder

Peggy asks:
What glue is best to hold Diamond Dust to an acrylic painted snowman. I have used Elmers and it tends to flake off after a time. Is there anything better?

I PROMISE I do not own stock in this (tho' I SHOULD considering I buy a backup every single time I walk into Hobby Lobby) but I will swear by The Ultimate Glue! If left alone to dry properly - I've found by trial & error that NOT letting it dry completely can give an unsatisfactory result - it will dry totally clear & hold BEAUTIFULLY!

On something like a snowman, I'd suggest taking a foam brush & coating the snowman with a thin layer of glue. Then dust away with your diamond dust! Needless to say, your paint should be totally dry before you do this! Ultimate Glue is thick but don't water it down. You are reading the words of someone who decided to try that when I wanted to glue tiny beads on a doll. Oh, they STUCK, but not well, not neatly, and not permanently. If you are patient, and spread the glue as neatly and as evenly as possible, being careful not to leave 'globs', your diamond dust will stick and your snowman will glisten!

Hope this helps!

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