Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Bucksuede: The new doe suede, doll body fabric

Tean asks:
Where can we find Doe Suede, or something very close to it?
I checked out Jo-Ann's...Nada!!!

Ever since Guilford Mills stopped making Doe Suede dollmakers have been looking for substitutes. The best ones are found online from the doll shops. Here are four that carry Cara Bucksuede, which seems to be the most popular of the new 'doe suedes':

Dollmaker's Journey
Lisa's Heaven
Dollmakers Ink Laura offers a *free sample* on her website.

Joggles also has a fabric called Deer Suede that Barb says replaces the Guilford Mills Doe suede. It is my understanding that the Bucksuede has a bit of a heavier hand than the old Doe Suede. None of the fabrics have a true stretch, just a slight give.

Hope this helps,


Karen Challender said...

You can buy doe suede and deer suede from my website, in 6 color's. I also have craft velour in 3 color's.. This is the fabric being used by most doll makers to replace the Guilford Mills fabric. It has a wonderful feel, is 60" wide and works great for doll making.

Donna Ashworth said...

I see this is a very old message/question, but I buy all of my doe suede fabric from Hancock Fabrics online. It's gorgeous, extremely high quality and with the online coupons they send for discounts I can get it for around $4.00 a yard. It's regular price is $5.99 a yard and it's of such good quality I would pay that if I didn't have the coupons for the discounts. Just go online and sign up for their newsletter and discount offers and wait a couple of days. They will send deals too hard to pass up. All the best, Donna