Sunday, February 4, 2007

Faux icing for prim muffins and cinammon rolls

Vicki asks:
I'd like to know what crafters put on top of those primitive muffins that looks so much like icing.

The answer to this one is rather surprising , it is white hot melt glue. There are a couple of different types of white hot melt glue. One, Surabond, melts clear but dries white. The other melts and dries white. There are shiny glues and dull glues. I would imagine that a hot melt pot would help with this process as you could pour the 'icing' onto the muffin.

Thanks to Yvette and Kerry for helping me with this answer!


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vicki said...

thanks for your prompt answer to my question, I have wondered about this for ages and asked another website quite a while ago, but they would not tell me! cheers, Vicki