Friday, February 9, 2007

How to work with tagboard and make a paper doll stand

Carolynne asks:
I'd like to know how to work with tag board. I have a 13-14" figure (a photo (full figure) mounted on tag board) that needs to be cut out and dressed as a paper doll. What type of knife do I use and should I file it smooth and how can I make a stand for the figure (paper doll)? Thank you in advance for a reply.

Zhenia says that you should be able to use your craft (exacto) knife and file it smooth if need be. You don't haveto seal the edges but if you feel the need you could paint or ink the edges in a neutral color. It depends on how thick your tag board is since it does come in 3 different weights, light, medium, and heavy.

There are a couple of ways to make a stand for her. You can buy one of those inexpensive wooden bases from the craft shop - shouldn't be more than a dollar - drill a hole in the center and glue a thin dowel rod in the hole. Paint the whole thing. Then you can glue your figure to the dowel. If you have a nice heavyweight tag board you could probably take one or two little wooden cubes (about 1/2" or so) and glue it to the bottom 1/2" of the figure - then glue the cube to the base.

Hope this helps!
Judi (and Zhenia)

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