Sunday, February 25, 2007

What size are miniature paintings?

Sandra asks:
How small are miniature paintings?

Miniature paintings are actually a very old art form. To qualify as a miniature, a painting must be no larger than 4"x6", although some organizations have a smaller size requirement. There are also requirements regarding the finished size to the outside of the frame. Another requirement is that they be no larger than 1/6 scale. That is, if an object is 6-inches tall in real life, it can be no larger than 1-inch tall in a miniature painting. This requirement can be overlooked in certain circumstances, but it is the general rule. It is also a requirement that the painting be able to stand up to being enlarged. That is, there must be sufficient detail that enlarging the painting will not distort the detail. There are a large number of painters who specialize in painting miniatures and there are a number of miniature shows around the country and around the world each year that draw hundreds of entries. There are even collectors who specialize in miniatures.
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Judy Leasure, TDA

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