Saturday, March 31, 2007

How to glue fabric to glass

PJ asks:
I'd like to know what kind of glue to use for gluing fabric to the underside of a clear glass plate?

We have a bit of a difference of opinion on this one. Kai thinks you should use a gel medium and I think you should use a spray adhesive. I think that you could easily pull the fabric out of shape if it gets too wet with the gel medium and it could also distort when you smooth it to remove wrinkles. A spray adhesive is more of a dry glue so you won't have those problems. To use the spray adhesive you would spray onto the fabric not the plate. The glue should dry clear.

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Judy said...

If I may weigh in on this one, I believe that I have seen projects that involve applying fabric to the back of glass plates and they used decoupage medium. Apply the medium to the glass, apply the fabric, and then apply the medium over it. Of course, any plate that is decorated this way is purely for show (or cookies). You can't wash it.

Judy Leasure, TDA