Monday, April 23, 2007

How to clean your windows

Marsha says:
I know this has nothing to do with crafting but what's the best way to clean the windows in your house.

Okay, this is odd but what the heck, I'll answer it .. at least I'll tell you what I do. I use a windshield washer concentrate that you buy at the auto parts store. Ever notice that you don't have to buff your windows when you wash them at the gas station? You mix the concentrate with water and sponge it on, use a hard rubber squeegee to get it off. Works great.


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Anonymous said...

You can also clean also use about two teaspons of ammonia to a quart of water to clean windows and use newspaper to wipe them dry. If you don't have ammonia you can use any kind of vinegar to water in the same proportions. NEVER mix Ammonia and Vinegar as harmful fumes will result. Dianne Sahakian