Wednesday, May 9, 2007

How to sew on Raggedy doll hair

CJ asks:
I'd like to know how to make hair of a raggedy ann doll. I don't have any felting needle and can't do it like the simplicity pattern says to.

I'm going to give you three different answers and you can choose which method you like best .

First is from Jacque - who makes the most gorgeous Raggedy's I've ever seen ...
I do the illusion of hair unless this doll is for a child. I wrap ten times around a cardboard (depending on the size of doll the length of hair), tie off in the center and clip each end loose. Start in the middle glue the first piece then two on each side. I rake it all forward then cut around from one side to the other leaving bangs..I hope this helps.

Sherry says:
You can sew them or glue them with fabri-tac if not for a child...if for a child i would sew them with uphostery thread.

This is how I would do it ....
I would cut the yarn to the length needed (doubled .. so if you want 4" long, cut 8") and use 3 or 4 pieces for each 'bundle'. Thread a needle with a long piece of strong thread and enter at the back of the head. Put the needle back in about 1/8” from the first stitch to create a loop. Put the bundle in the loop, center it, and pull the thread tight. Repeat. Sew your bundles on in a spiral pattern. Trim as needed when complete.

Hope this helps ...

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