Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My WonderUnder won't release from the paper backing

Kathy says:
I can't get the paper backing to release off my wonder under project. I've ironed it onto the initial piece of fabric, waited for it to cool and then tried to peel the backing off. It comes off in little bitty pieces, unlike the large sheet that normally just pulls off the applique. As I just purchased an entire bolt of this stuff I've got to figure out how to get this to work better. Any suggestions?

I called Pellon and asked them your question. The customer service agent said it sounds like you have a bolt of the bad Wonder-Under. There was a manufacturing problem and not enough of the release agent was on the paper. These bolts were produced late last summer and although Pellon tried to recall all of the bolts it's probable that they weren't able to. If you call their customer service or email them they will make arrangements to replace the bolt for you.

Call Pellon customer service Hotline via phone at
or via e-mail at customerservice@pellonideas.com.

It's nice to know that they will replace the bolt for you!

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