Wednesday, September 19, 2007

How to get Wonder Under fusible off your iron

Anonymous asks:
When you make a mistake and get Wonder Under fusible on the iron, how do you get it off?? My iron won't iron. Help!!!

Easy to make this mistake, I've done it myself. I double-checked with the Pellon folks, makers of Wonder Under brand fusible, and their solution is the same as my own. You need to buy some hot iron cleaner - you can usually find this in the craft stores or fabric stores. It comes in a tube of some kind and you put it on the iron when it's hot. Then you wipe the iron down with a clean piece of cloth - like a washcloth. It should get it off. Hope this helps.


Anonymous said...

Used Bounce dryer sheets work wonders on 'soiled' irons. Lay one on the edge of your ironing board and rub the sole of the hot iron over the dryer sheet. Works everytime for me.

MimiK said...

I discovered (by accident) a way to clean off an iron. Iron a fabric softener sheet! I was using them as cover cloths while doing some applique and it got all the gunk off my iron face plate- hurray!

Ashley said...

Thanks for the tips!! Very helpful!

Andrea said...

wow i can't believe how well it worked! thank you so much!