Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Glue for altered books

Lilly asks:
I saw your post about the altered books and wondered what glue you used in them.

It really depends on what you're doing. The wet glues tend to make the pages warp and even if you press them down overnight they are never quite flat again. I like to use the glue sticks when I'm working with paper - particularly the purple UHU. I like the colored sticks because I can see where I'm putting the glue and it dries clear. When I do use a wet glue I have some great PVA bookbinding glue - it is a thinner consistency than most of the white glues and it goes on really smooth. When I want to attach 3D embellishments I usually use Golden's Acrylic Gel Medium.

There's a lot of opinions out there about what glue to use and the best thing is to try some out for yourself and see what you like.

Hope this helps!

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