Wednesday, January 31, 2007

How to dye doll hair using Kool-aid and mohair

Mary asks:
Do you have a quick and easy way to color mohair? I have some plain stuff and I want to make some fairy hair.

The easiest way to color mohair is to use good old Kool-Aid, the powdered drink mix. You can use Kool-Aid on any animal fiber. Here's how to do it:

  1. Mix one package of Kool-aid with enough water to cover your mohair and put it in a cup or other microwave safe container. The less water the more saturated the color. Cover with a lid or plastic wrap (you want it to steam).
  2. Zap it for two minutes in the microwave.
  3. Let cool and check the water - (BE CAREFUL - you don't want steam burns!) if the color is gone from the water it's done, if not, repeat the process.
  4. When the dye has been absorbed into the mohair it's done.
  5. Let it cool and then rinse in warm water.

If you want crazy fairy hair, try this:
  1. Mix up as many colors of Kool-aid as you want in separate glasses (about 3-4 TB of water per pkg)
  2. Drizzle the color where you want it on the mohair (use a spoon or medicine dropper)
  3. Press the mohair gently to distribute the color (use gloves)
  4. Microwave and let cool
I have some pink hair I dyed years ago and it's still as bright as the day I dyed it. The fun part is figuring out what colors the packages of Kool-aid make.

If you want to know how to dye your own hair using Kool-Aid read this post.

Have fun!

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