Sunday, January 21, 2007

Wal-Mart fabric department

Rhea asks:
Got the lowdown on the rumors about the fabric department closing at the Wal-Mart stores?

There's tons of rumors flying around the internet about this. I wrote to the customer relations department at Wal-Mart and this is the 'answer' I recieved.

Thank you for you recent inquiry regarding the fabric department in
your local store. In keeping with our emphasis on being a store of the
community, Wal-Mart is converting the fabrics and crafts department in
some stores to a newly expanded assortment of merchandise that focuses on
life's celebrations. We are thrilled to offer our customers this
exciting new crafts and celebrations center that makes available craft and
party planning needs along with information on current trends and new
ideas in the area of life's celebrations, such as holidays, weddings and

In those stores where the new crafts and celebrations center is placed,
merchandise commonly referred to as 'notions' will be included in the
product offerings - such as sewing machines, yarn, needles, thread, etc.
As a part of this conversion, most of our new and remodeled stores
opening in early 2007, as well as a small number of existing stores, will
feature the new crafts and celebrations center in place of cut fabrics.
Wal-Mart will continue to carry cut fabric in most of our stores. Due
to the continued evaluation of our stores, we are unable to share a
list of existing stores scheduled to receive the new crafts and
celebrations center at this time.

Thank you,
Wal-Mart Customer Relations

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Rebecca said...

I need the fabric center.....I am very angry about the Walmarts in my surrounding areas not having any fabrics at all. I depend on Walmart for my sewing needs as my area has no other stores that offer sewing supplies, and no one can ever beat the Walmart prices....please bring it back to the Stuttgart and Lonoke Arkansas area Walmarts, Thank you