Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The advantage to using gel medium for paper arts

T Rocks asks:
I was wondering if there are any advantages to using gel medium as a glue for paper crafts. Are there special glues for paper that do not warp or buckle when dry but still have a strong hold? Thanks.

The one advantage to gel medium is that is can be used as a sealant. Once it dries, any colours below it are trapped and won't run if you rewet whatever it is that you're making. So, it's great if you like to use a little paint with your collage, although using liquid acrylics will usually make using gel medium redundant.

A good glue stick is the way to go for most papers. A wet glue (like bookbinding PVA) can be used if you have a thick substrate like book board, but if you are making ATCs or Decos then the 'dry' glue is better. I also recommend burnishing whatever it is that's been glued with a bone folder or an old credit card.

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