Wednesday, February 28, 2007

How to remove Mod Podge from walls

Kai asks:
i was planning on making a collage directly on my wall. i was going to seal it with modge podge. Once the modge podge has dried, if i need to remove the collage how would i be able to do that?

I think this is going to act like wallpaper. Since Modge Podge is basically a glue you could remove it like you would any other glue used on a wall. You can try to steam it first to loosen the glue and then you can scrape and sand it off. It probably won't leave a pretty wall behind so you'll have to repaint and maybe even retexture depending on your wall. Would it make sense to make your collage on a thin substrate and then mount that to the wall (maybe with screws)? It would make removal much easier at a later date. If you've ever removed wallpaper you know it's not much fun.

Hope this helps,


Anonymous said...

Your other option would be to use the Wall Podge by the same makers of Mod Podge. It is discontinued now, but can be found in limited quantities on the internet (ebay etc). It is a concentrated powder that has to be mixed with water. Once applied to the wall & dried, you can use water to remove at will.. with no damage to the walls.

Mimi said...

I wouldn't suggest doing this... It is hard to take advice from someone who DID do this, however, it has taken me THREE weeks to pull down half of my room. I have had to resort to using the vinyl remover, which is messy, stinky, and you CAN'T get it on you. I will also have to texturize, which is okay.... but removing it... it's AWFUL.

Anonymous said...

I'm workign with mod podge for silk screening. It's not coming off very easy. I thought using varsol would clean it off faster but it didn't.

I can't imagine what a mess it would be to remove from walls!