Thursday, March 1, 2007

How to avoid broken threads when free motion embroidering

Marianne asks:

How do I avoid that the thread break and get torn when you try to embroider with the sewing machine.....see my problem :

I have quite a few suggestions for you and one of them should surely help. First of all - for safety reasons - don't sew with a naked needle - you should be using a darning foot (with a little spring). Darning is similar to free motion embroidery and so it is a good foot to use. The second thing to do is match your needle with your thread. It looks like you are using quite a heavy thread so you will need a needle with a large eye. A needle with a small eye will most definitely shred your thread. You should also loosen your upper thread tension (not the bobbin), this will help a lot. Use a good quality thread. This alone will save you lots of headaches. Lastly - you don't need to use matching thread in your bobbin - you can use a lighter weight thread.

I noticed that a reader on your website suggested winding the heavy thread on the bobbin and sewing with the fabric's right side facing the bed of your machine - that's another good suggestion although you can't see what you're doing as well. But with some threads it is the only choice, just depends on how heavy the thread is.

Hope this helps,

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