Saturday, March 17, 2007

How to remove a Wonder-Under adhered applique

Aruna asks:
I'd like to know if fusing fabric with wonder under is permanent. This is my first time working with it and I've applied an applique onto the pocket of a garment that I'm not crazy about so I wanted to remove it if I could. Thanks for your help.

Wonder Under is an heat-sensitive adhesive and if you followed the directions it will make a permanent bond. It is possible to remove the applique but there's no guarantee you will remove all the glue. If you want to try it here's what to do:

Heat the applique back up with an iron (to re-melt the glue) and be sure to remove it while hot. This might leave a white adhesive residue when cool. If this happens try the following: Take a piece of clean cotton and place the pocket face down on it. Press a hot iron on the pocket, pressing for a bit longer than you did to adhere the applique. Peel it away from the cotton. Move the cotton over to a clean spot. Repeat until the glue has been absorbed into the cotton. (You can do this with wax too).
Hope this helps,


Aruna said...

Thank you so much! Your method worked! And there is minimal glue (not noticeable) left on the garment.

Natalie said...

This works for the excess around the applique as well! THANK YOU!