Friday, March 16, 2007

Comparison chart for PrismaColor and Faber-Castell pencils

Lee says:
I'd like to know how to figure out which pencil colour matches in different brands. I have PrismaColour and Faber-Castell pencil but have been given a list of Derwent pencils and I was wondering how to match the colours correctly. I have seen a conversion list in the past and I was hoping someone would be able to help me with this query.

I imagine your list must have been posted on a forum. I was able to find the chart that you probably have - the Rembrandt to PrismaColor to Derwent. But you know what? It might be a little bit of work - but you should make your own chart. Color in little squares with each color - making sure to write the brand and color name/number under the square. Cut all the squares out and match the colors up as close as you can. As each company uses their own formulation for colors you probably won't get exact matches. Then you can either make a text chart of your own or just glue the squares to a chart. That way you aren't relying on someone else's 'eye' but your own. It would be great to have on hand - especially if you set it up like a color wheel.

If you choose not to do that I suggest popping over to Wet Canvas, an absolutely huge forum for artists. They have a section just for artists working with color pencils and you can ask your question there.

Hope this helps,

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