Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Is there smell-through plastic wrap or How to wrap handmade soap.

Charlie asks:
I'd like to know where I can buy breathable saran wrap, I make goat milk soap and presently wrap it in stretchable saran wrap and then put a cigar band label over this. Because the whole bar is sealed it makes it hard for customers to smell the fragrance. I would like to continue with the cigar band but would like to have a breathable saran wrap so customers can smell the fragrance through the ends of the bar .

The cling wrap you find in the grocery store is meant to be non-porous, to keep odors out of food stored in fridges and things. Thanks to my friend
Sue, a soapmaker herself, I have the names of two companies who make polyolefin film that they market specifically to soap makers. They are National Shrink Wrap and Therapy Garden. Sue says if you do an internet search using the term smell-through wrap you will find more.

Hope this helps!

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