Friday, March 9, 2007

Safety issues associated with melting Kunin Felt

Judi says:
Let's talk safety again .. this time we'll address melting Kunin Felt.

I wrote to the folks who make Kunin Felt and asked them for a copy of their Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). I had mentioned that as a fiber artist I occasionally melt their felt with a heat gun. I was curious to see what the MSDS said about partial combustion. The MSDS does mention that the product is flammable and to treat being touched with the molten material as a thermal burn, but it doesn't address partial combustion in particular. Here's the note I received with the MSDS .. seems they aren't too happy with us fiber artists!

Hi Judi,

Attached is our MSDS sheet. I would assume proper ventilation is the key here. Like any material that is melted a fume would be given off. We are aware that the crafting community is doing this and I have to say it is not something we would promote on our color cards. This is polyester or acrylic and like most fabrics they are flammable. This is the same polyester used in woven fabrics so when you melt a shirt on the iron same effect.

I hope this helps.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

George Stellmach
National Sales & Marketing Manager

Kunin Group / A Division of Foss Manufacturing Company, LLC
380 Lafayette Road
Hampton, NH 03843

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