Saturday, March 10, 2007

Where to find Jewelry Display cases

Deborah asks:
I design my own Jewelry and want to start selling it. I've been looking for the perfect Jewelry display carry case that will hold my Necklaces,earrings and rings neatly and securely. I looked on ebay and it seems only one Company advertises. I'm getting frustrated searching and thought you maybe able to help. I love your website and all the awesome free info. I love Crafts! Thats what I do! Thanks for any info

You didn't say what size case you were looking for and you can buy these from jewelry rolls to rolling case size. You also didn't say if you wanted to carry a large amount of jewelry or enough to set up a display at a show. So I'll cover it all! If you just wanted to carry a small assortment with you so you can whip them out and show friends or other potential clients, you can use a presentation folder. If you want to set up for a show you can buy a rolling case which you can then fill with trays. You buy the trays separately and you can buy inserts that are just for necklaces, rings, etc.

I will give you a few links of places to find displays. I am not affliated with these shops, nor have I purchased any of these items from them ...
Fire Mountain Gems
Preciado Jewelry Tools
JewelBox Display & Supply Co

Best of luck with your sales!

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