Wednesday, April 11, 2007

How to control static when using glitter

Kathy asked:
Is there any way to control the static when using glitter? Every time I use glitter, or even those little teeny tiny beads, the stuff sticks to my overflow tray, the table, my clothes! It's impossible to get the excess glitter back into the container. Of course, I can clean it up with a damp cloth - and now the glitter is stuck to the cloth! Can you help??

I haven't tried this but ...
spray your glitter with anti-static spray and you can have a better handle on your craft projects. The glitter won’t stick to everything and will be easier to place. The same goes for artificial snow during the holidays.

(I don't know how you would spray it without it flying everywhere though).

Another idea:
The best solution is to reduce static electricity before you add the glitter. Just place a dryer sheet on top of the page before you work. Next, place the glue in the areas that you want glittered. Then, using an eyedropper, apply the glitter. The eyedropper allows better control of the glitter and reduces mess. To clean up, simply brush away the remaining glitter once the object is completely dried.

Found these on the web.

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Anonymous said...

I used to use "Gayles little Bag" but that was years ago and i dont know if its still around. It was like a little pillow 2" x 3" or so and stuffed with something powdery but i dont know what, perhaps a powder form of whatever dryer sheets are made of. I used it when rubber stamping by first wiping the little bag over the paper, then stamp as usual and then you pour the embossing on. Dump the excess embossing powder off and back into the container. There was no excess powder left here and there by static (thereby ruining your picture) Embossing powder will also stick to wherever you touch the paper as fingers have oil and thats why we leave fingerprints on everything we touch. Anyhow, if you checked in a rubber stamping supply store i'm sure you'd find it and it would work exactly the same for you with glitter. HTH The little bag i used was from a company in Canada and it still works

Judi said...

Thanks for your input .. I found Gayle's anti-static bag here...