Thursday, April 12, 2007

How to recreate a silk flowered purse

Ruth says:
I'd like to know how to make a purse like the one I saw on a web site called Blooming Baskets by Lisa, this girl sells these in St. Martin. They sell for $145. 00 for a small one. WOW!!!! I don't want to hot glue the flowers on cause I know they wont last too long. Any ideas that are not too challenging?? I would appreciate it

I feel like I'm on one of those home decorating shows where they recreate the designer room on a budget, LOL. Those are really pretty basket purses, aren't they. I read that she makes the baskets out of raffia - probably one reason that the bags are so expensive. Here's what I would do to recreate the look ... find a purchased bag or tote that is similar in shape and style. Then I would sew the silk flowers to a band of strong fabric/trim, you can probably find something useful in the home dec dept of the fabric store. I'm thinking of buckram. Try to buy silk flowers that aren't glued together - that might make it impossible to get a needle through. I would glue the piece on, then blanket stitch the top and botton edges for added strength (and to help against raveling). The Ultimate Glue is mega strong.

Hope this works!

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