Saturday, June 30, 2007

How to make glitter paper

Pat asks:
I'd like to know the best glue to use for making glitter paper. White glues tends to wrinkle to much and mounting adhesives seem to yellow iridescent glitters. Thank you so much. any information you can give me would be so very much appreciated.

From the research I've done on this subject the answer seems to be to use either a Xyron permanent adhesive and run your paper through the machine before glittering or, and this might be easier, just use a sticky label. I don't know what size glitter paper you want to make but you can probably test this by using an address label. Peel it off the backing paper and put it into a container. Pour your glitter over the sticky side of the label. Knock the excess off into the container and then pour it back into your glitter jar. You can buy label paper up to 8.5"x11".
Hope this helps.

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