Sunday, July 1, 2007

How to make wallies or wall decals

Caren asks:
I'd like to know how to make your own wallies or stick up wall art... Do you have any suggestions?

I have a couple of suggestions. First - to make a wall decal that will be removable with no damage to the wall make it out of fabric and then soak it with liquid starch. It will stick to the wall. I've actually heard of people doing this with large pieces of fabric - so little shapes should work well. The second suggestion would be to use wallpaper paste and thick paper or even canvas as the substrate. This would be harder to remove though.

Have fun!

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Jo in NZ said...

I don't know about for the wall, but this definately works for windows. Get some waxed paper .You use PVA (kids craft glue). First make the outline of the shape you want(on the waxed paper), let that dry. Once dry you "fill it in" with more glue. You can colour the glue wth food colouring too. You only need a thin layer. Once dry peel it up and stick to a window (or try a wall).
You could even do a sheet of the glue, then cut the shape once it is dry. You can add glitter etc, as long as it is not too heavy.