Tuesday, June 12, 2007

How to remove a t-shirt transfer put on wrong

Juanita says:
We had a Printwork T-shirt transfer, with a picture on it, then we ironed pellon to the back of the paper of the Printwork then we ironed it on the fabric. We should not have used the Pellon, how can we get the picture and pellon off the material????? We goofed.

Wow - this is interesting. First thing I'm wondering is what happened to the picture when you ironed the Pellon Wonder-Under on. Here's what I'm seeing - the transfer is supposed to be face down and you iron the paper and the picture transfers. But you ironed Wonder-Under to the paper. At that point I would imagine the picture would have started to transfer. So if I'm getting this picture right - you have the transfer and the paper and the wonder-under on the material. Eeeks. Here's what I would try - I don't know if you will be able to get everything off or not - go buy some cheap muslin (79 cents a yard)- then place your mistake face down on the muslin and iron it. See if the picture transfers when cool. You might then only have the paper and the wonder-under to deal with. Move it over to a clean piece of muslin and iron again. Don't let it cool and try to get the paper to lift off. If that works move it to a clean piece again and heat. Repeat as necessary - you are trying to get the muslin to soak up the glue on the wonder-under. I honestly don't know if this will work at all. Please let me know what happens.

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