Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Can I remove excess glue after affixing a hot fix crystal?

Pam asks:
I'd like to know how to remove a small amount of glue left from a crystal (hot-fix) put on with a my pro-jeweler on a tulle wedding veil. I hesitate to put more on until I can remove the bit of glue. Thank You!

Usually we recommend trying to re-heat glue but tulle can be so delicate that heating it will either melt the tulle or distort it. So the regular methods just won't work. I did a bit of research and it doesn't look good. This is from the FAQ at the website of Creative Crystal, inventor and manufacturer of the BeJeweler hot-fix crystal applicator:

Why is glue running onto the fabric?
When placing the crystal on your item, place quickly and immediately lift the tip off the item. If you push down on the tip or hold the tip on the item too long the glue can be forced out and around the tip onto the fabric. Unfortunately the glue cannot be removed if this happens.

Here's a tip if you decide to add more ...
How do I apply crystals to net, silk and very sheer fabrics?
Place the fabric on a PTFE sheet or hard, non porous surface. Using the correct size tip, pick up the crystal as usual and as soon as the glue looks "wet" quickly place the crystal onto the fabric and lift up the tip.

If preferred, you can also simply hold the heated crystal slightly off the surface of the fabric and push the crystal onto the fabric by sliding a pin into the groove on the side of the tip and pushing the crystal out.

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