Thursday, January 24, 2008

What glue to use with stretch fabric

Rachel asks: Can you please tell me which fabric glue is the best for applying lace (and other fabrics) to Tank tops and T-shirts that are made out of stretch fabric? I need a glue that will not show thru the lace or on the actual tank top (an invisible glue, if possible). And please remember that the shirts I will be working with are made out of stretch fabric therefore the glue must work with the fabric as well.

We don’t suggest gluing anything that will be washed. You should probably sew it. That said – Aleene’s does make a stretch fabric glue but they state it will hold up to hand washing only.
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Anonymous said...

Fabric-Tac is a great glue. You can wash it too. You can not dry clean it. Bridal shops use it for laces and trims, so it shouldn't yellow. I use it all the time for my dolls.

But any kind of glue you use will keep the fabric from stretching. So the knit, stretch, quality of the fabric will be effected.

Good Luck.