Thursday, January 17, 2008

Making a removable painted decal for clothing

Dolphin45 asks: What type of paints and pens should I use on my daughter's tutu? I have to make a silver or gold design on it and it needs to look professional. Do you know of anywhere to get these items and names of products so I can get them asap.

I wrote and asked Dolphin45 what the tutu was made of - the answer was lycra.

I don't like to paint on lycra because I think when it is stretched the edges are never sharp looking. What I suggest is making your design separately and then attaching it to the tutu. There is a new product called Styli'Stick (from Pebeo) that will allow you to make a decal that can be ironed on to the lycra. I think this is ingenious because you could make a nice design and then because the decal is removable you can use the tutu for other shows. The Styli Sticks come in many colors as well as metallics.
Hope this helps!


Carla said...

Aleene's also makes a glue called Aleene's Tack-It Over & Over.
This pressure-sensitive glue can be applied to appliques that can be moved on one garment or reapplied to another garment. Recommended for: Appliques, sequins, ribbons, trims, fabrics, costumes, home decor and wearables

Alice C. W. Dennis said...

Michaels carries a paint that is made for exactly this kind of thing. I cannot remember the name, but it comes in sticks (marker type), individual colors aand kits.