Saturday, January 5, 2008

When good thread (floss) goes bad

Joyce asks:
How do I keep DMC six strand cotton embroidery floss from shredding.
The last that I purchased seems to twist and shred badly. I have used wax and Thread
Heaven and that does not help.Has something happened to the quality of their product?

I've used DMC for YEARS (because it really IS better than Coats & Clark) & MOST of the time it's excellent. But like all mass-produced things, sometimes a batch slips through that just - well - SUCKS! I've gotten ahold of a couple of bad DMC batches & had the same trouble you are having. Truth? Your best bet is to either salvage what you CAN of it, or TOSS it & get some more. But DO write to the company before you toss any & let them see some of the 'bad' threads! They need to know when their product isn't the quality it should be!

Good luck! Kai

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