Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rebaking polymer clay

Tara asks:
I'm using Genesis heat set paints on a baked polymer clay sculpt. Is there a limit to how many times you can re-bake this clay so that there's no cracking? Would it even crack at all? I've never tried it and don't want to destroy the reborn sculpt I just created by painting it!

The answer is from polymer goddess Christi Friesen at http://www.cforiginals.net :

I've never used the Genesis paints - although I've heard good things. I use acrylic paints and regularly rebake the antiqued pieces with no cracking, bubbling or problems. If I am guessing correctly, your polymer piece is fully baked, and now about to be painted and all you'll need is to bake it long enough to set the Genesis paints. If that's so, then you shouldn't have any trouble with your polymer cracking - polymer definitely can go through multiple bakings without cracking. If in doubt, paint some scrap thing you don't care about and bake it to see what happens, but I'm pretty sure you'll have no trouble with it!

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