Monday, June 8, 2009

Difference between fusible web and iron-on Pellon

Kerrie asks:
I'd like to know the difference between fusible webbing and iron-on pellon. Fusible webbing I think has a paper backing to it but I have been given I think iron-on pellon which I have attached to an appliqué which should have been fusible webbing??? The iron-on pellon does not seem to have a pull off backing to it. For me to be able to appliqué stitching to it, I think I will have to try and remove the pellon without destroying the water-erasable pen markings that I have already put on it. Can I put fusible webbing straight over the top and still be able to stitch through or will it be too difficult?

Fusible webs are glue or plastic based see through materials that are either encased in paper like the double sticks, or have paper on one side only. They are used to bond the applique pattern pieces to the background fabric.

The iron on pellon is an interfacing – which has glue on one side and is meant to strengthen certain areas of clothing, such as cuffs and facings.

You can put the fusible webbing on top of the interfacing but it will make it stiffer and possibly harder to sew through. I would test it out on a scrap of fabric and see how it works for you.

Best of luck.


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