Sunday, March 4, 2007

What adhesive to use for a temporary hold for fabric

James asks:
I'd like to know what type of adhesive I can buy that stays tacky after it has dried and is low or no odor. I need it for holding fabric I am working on and so I can remove the fabric and stick another piece of fabric to it to work on. thanks a lot!

I really like using the temporary spray adhesives. There are many brands available now; some companies who market them are June Tailor, Dritz, Sullivan, Sulky, and JT Trading. These are all odorless or low odor. I personally use the 505 Temporary Adhesive from JT Trading. Mainly because that's the only one offered at the local quilt shop. I'm happy with it though.

To avoid overspray place your fabric on paper or cardboard before you spray (something disposable). For small pieces you can place them inside the top of a box. Be careful when you get to the bottom of the can, it doesn't spray nicely and you can get globs of the glue spraying out.

Although I have never shopped here, Quilting-Warehouse has a catalog page that shows all the products I mentioned.

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