Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Pellon Wonder Under Instructions plus Tips and Tricks

Emma asks:
Can you find me the instructions for Wonder Under. When I search all I get are companies that sell it, I'm getting really frustrated. Thanks.

I can understand that! If you are looking for something like this it is best to search on the company name rather than the product name. But to answer your question here are the instructions for Wonder Under from the Pellon website:

805, 807, 725 Wonder-Under®
The paperbacked adhesive web that turns any fabric into a fusible fabric.

Fuses fabric to fabric or to a porous surface such as wood or cardboard. For denim, canvas or other heavy fabrics, use

Heavy Duty Wonder Under, when extra holding power is needed. ALWAYS PRE-TEST.

Has no grain - can be cut and applied in any direction.

Finished item can be washed or dry-cleaned; according to the fabric's care requirements.


* Place rough side of Wonder-Under against wrong side of fabric. Press for 5-8 seconds with hot, dry iron. Let cool, draw desired shape onto paper backing, then cut
* Alternative method: Trace shape onto paper backing, cut to size, then press, rough side down, onto fabric. (Note: To avoid backward letters and numbers, draw on rough side of Wonder-Under with ballpoint pen. For dark fabrics, redraw shape on paper side.)
2. Step 2: PEEL & FUSE
* Gently peel off paper backing. Position fusible fabric, web side down, on the project. Cover with DAMP press cloth.
* With iron at wool setting, press FIRMLY for 10-15 seconds. (Heavier fabrics = more time.) Repeat, lifting and overlapping iron until all fabric is fused.
* Remove press cloth and iron fabric to eliminate excess moisture.
* Tip: Use your damp press cloth as a temperature and timing guide. After 10 seconds, press cloth should be dry. If not, raise iron temperature or hold iron in place a few seconds longer.
* Tips: With “fat/thin" or "heavy/light" fabric combinations, fuse from thinner or lighter side. If necessary, "baste" first by ironing on the right side.

Care Instructions:

* Washable, dry cleanable
* Machine wash Warm, Delicate cycle.
* Do not use fabric softner.
* Tumble dry Low.

Special Techniques:

* For hems: Cut and press strips ofWonder-Under to hem allowance. Peel off paper, turn up hem and fuse.
* For layered appliques: Press Wonder-Under onto fabric and cut out base shape. Use Wonder-Under to fuse details to applique, then peel paper backing off base and fuse completed applique to project. If desired, machine stitch around edges of applique.
o Create reversible fabrics or sturdier projects by fusing two layers of fabric together with Wonder-Under.
o Cover wood or cardboard items, such as room dividers, valances and boxes, with fabric using Wonder-Under.

* For best results, store unused Wonder-Under by rolling it onto a tube (Instead of folding).
* Overtime, if Wonder-Under separates from the paper, it can still be used. Simply place the web on the surface to be fused, cover with the Wonder-Under release paper, and press with a hot, dry iron. Fabric, web and paper will stick together. Proceed with directions for cutting, peeling and fusing.


Anonymous said...

THANKS A MILLION!!! I was having the same problem as Emma: the "instructions" cut with the Wonder Under I bought didn't have any instructions, just project suggestions. Since I hadn't used WU in years, I really needed a refresher. You saved the day!

Anonymous said...

When you make a mistake and get it on the iron, how do you get it off?? My iron won't iron. Help!!!

Anonymous said...

I've done the same thing to my iron, help!

Laurraine said...

Try using lighter fluid. I use to clean anything sticky off any surface :o)

Anonymous said...

I bought some iron cleaner, it took a while to clean it, so take care not to get it dirty next time.

Anonymous said...

For those of you with dirty irons -or for Truckers who gets plastic garbage bags stuck to their smoke stacks...
Use Faultless Hot Iron Cleaner. Works wonders & junk wipes right off. Comes in small tubes.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I had the same problem. I only bought 2/3 of a yard, not a full yard, and only got part of the instructions. Thanks a bunch!

Skia said...

I messed up my iron badly the the first time I tried Wonder Under and I was really worried about how to get it off. Fortunately, a combo of Bon Ami and "The Masters" soap (a gentle soap made for cleaning oil and lacquer from artist's brushes) on a moist sponge removed the mess easily! In a couple places, where I'd gotten gook down into the holes of my iron, I used the back of the point of a cheap paring knife to scrape it out --- The soap must have loosened it, because it took no effort. (Oh yes, I unplugged my iron and let it cool before doing this.)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. I had put the instructions they so carefully cut out for me at the fabric shop and stuck it into my coat pocket which I washed yesterday. Yes, I remembered I had put it in the pocket after I washed it. I retrieved it but it is slightly washed out. Thanks for posting this for us.

Anonymous said...

An old trick I learned many years ago was to put salt on waxpaper and iron it with the salt taking whatever is stuck to the iron off and making the iron smooth and slick again. Never tried it on WU but it may work, takes off plastic bags and such.

Gene Black said...

A super easy way is to put a dryer sheet between two pieces of fabric. Run the hot iron over this against the edge of the ironing board.

For some reason it takes the glue off. I did notice that it says "Do not use fabric softener" on the Wonder Under instruction sheet. Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

Thank you sooooooo much! I really was concerned the day was ruined as I wouldn't be able to quilt without my iron. Thanks to you and the modern age I can go forth :)